Sunday, August 28, 2011

You know what's annoying?

For once, I'd like to find a miniatures company that sells 1/72 (20mm) female figures in metal or plastic that are NOT...

1. wearing miniskirts and high heels
2. wearing lingerie or evening dresses while fighting
  3. Are about to burst out of their tops
4. as above, but also have
6. carrying double UZIs, MAC-10s, etc.
7. wearing garter belts

Now don't get me wrong, I am quite a fan of the female form. However, IMO women in the Zombie Apocalypse(TM) should be much like the men. On the whole dressed as Joe or Jane average. Maybe carrying a revolver or shotgun, but that's it.

In fact, what I'd REALLY like would be the above normal figs carrying axes/axe handles, pool cues, baseball bats and other types of improvised weapons. Something you'd grab if you saw a shambling corpse moving your way while you're at work or lunching at McFoods.

I can't find any!

If any of my four followers know where to get some Jane/Joes like that, please let me know! :D

Zombie Chow


Gnotta' said...

Unfortunately I'm not able to help you, I don't usually play in 1/72 - 20mm but I've got your same problem with 28mm..
Since I hardly find something usable, I finally decided to convert half naked miniatures "dressing" them with green stuff...
sorry.. :)

Zombie Chow said...

Ugh... I would've thought that 28mm would have more variety. It seems I was mistaken. Only a greater variety of semi-naked girls, eh? ;)

What is the 'green stuff' you use? Is it an epoxy or more of a skulpy type material?


Gnotta' said...

Hi ZC, sorry but I have just seen your question..
Green Stuff is an epoxy putty in 2 elements, one yellow and one blue (I don't remember which is the putty and which is the hardener) when you mix them it became green (Green stuff! ;) ) and it will harden in a couple of hours... I sculpt it with dental tools and, mostly, with rubber clay shapers..
I would be pleased if you give a look at my little blog, you can find some of my conversions and painting there...