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ATZ Scenario Share

No game BatRep this week, as I've been swamped with grading research papers and finals. But something I've been chatting about on the Two Hour Wargames yahoo group

(Re: ATZ: Scenario trades?) is the idea of sharing scenarios created by fans so we have new ideas. ATZ: Haven (book 2 in the THW All Things Zombie trilogy) has some good stuff, but they can run out quick!

Below is the scenario I subed earlier this week. Enjoy!

Clerks of the Living Dead

Scenario: This should occur within the first few days of the zombie outbreak, requiring 'Zed or No Zed' tests all around.

Goal: The goal of the scenario is to get to the Convenience store and get gas, food, and/or luxury items. The player group knows something is amiss, but conflicting stories have made things uncertain.

Zombies: Starting zombies will be generated as per the ATZ rulebook, page 65.

Time: Midnight to 1am. Power is still on in the city.

Board Terrain: As I don't know how to attach maps I'll describe the board by sectors.

Section 1: (Northwest) Clear

Section 2: (North) Road from sec 5 goes straight north to edge of table. West side has a retail building.*

Section 3: (Northeast) Woods*

Section 4: (West) Road bisects table from edge to edge. There is a building south of the road, a small Apartment complex.

Section 5: (Middle) Road from Sec 7 intersects with horizontal road bisecting the board from sec 4 to sec 6 table edges. On the Northeast corner is the convenience store with a video store just east of it.

Section 6: (East) Road bisects table from edge to edge. There is an Office building on north side of road*.

Section 7: (Southwest) Clear with road traveling diagonally to the table corner edge. Road continues up into Sec 5.

Section 8: South) Office Building* with adjacent comic book store*.

Section 9: (Southeast) Clear

*= These are not vital to the scenario, and are just for varied terrain.

Entry Point: Player group enters the board from the road in Section 7, at the corner table edge.

As with most scenarios, a roll of doubles on Activation dice will result in a random event. Consult the Random Events table located below.

Special Rules:

*1. Video Store: The convenience store is considered one open floor as far as building interior is concerned. The store holds 4 units of food, 1 unit of luxury items, and plenty of gasoline in the pumps. Unfortunately the store itself only has 3 units of gas cans available on the shelves. The clerk Dave, who is running the store when the player group arrives, will protest loudly if the group tries to take anything without paying. However, if threatened in any way he will not engage in combat he will merely stand aside and complain that he wasn't even supposed to be here tonight!

*2. Video Store There is little here of value, only 1 unit of Luxury Items from the DVD sections and a small candy isle. This will be easy to retrieve however as the clerk Randy is busy arguing with a robber in front of the checkout register. Both men are vehemently disagreeing about who shot first in Star Wars; Han Solo or Greedo. This argument extends so far as the robber actually attempting to gesture with his pistol in a manner to mimic Greedo in the Cantina. The player star will be able to avoid this argument if wished to gather supplies, but any grunts left in the building without a star within 4 inches of the figure will require a 'See the Feast' test. In such a circumstance  the horror result being replaced with the grunt being drawn into the debate if a Sanity Test results from the Feast test.

*3. All other buildings are generated using either the All Things Zombie: Better Dead Than Zed rules or the modified building rules provided in the I, Zombie book.

Random Events Table:


Roll  Result

2     Car 54, Where Are You? A police Car appears with 2 police officers inside. On a roll of 1-4 they will attempt to stop the player group and question them about their business. If any of the player group is armed, the police will (1-2) apprehend them and take them to the station (3-4) handcuff them and put them in the back of the police car while they investigate a call in an adjacent Section. They will not come back so the player star will have to break out of the car using the breaking barricade/doors rules from ATZ page 32. (5-6) The police will let the player group off with a warning, as they believe they've got more important things to deal with. A successful Fast Talking Challenge (pass 2d6) will add +1 to the player's roll.

3     Are you my mummy? A young child (1-3 male 4-6 female) is being pursued by d6 zombies. The child (count as Littler One from ATZ) is too afraid to follow shouted directions and will have to be physically grasped if s/he is to be rescued. If the child is caught by the zombies, count the dying screams as 6 checks for zombie generation.

4.    A Crash and Burn! Car enters the board on a road nearest to players star. The car will fast move for 1 turn of activation, then leave the road and crash. If the player group investigates there will be (1-2) a civilian trying to hold off a zombie in the car, (3-4) a bitten civilian who has not yet turned into a zombie, or (5-6) a survivalist looking to get out of town and has wrecked. They are dead (will arise as a zombie on a 1 in 6) and the car is packed with d6 resources as noted in I,

Zombie. Regardless, the car will be severely wrecked and unusable.

5      Brownout! All electricity in the section of the board where the group is most concentrated gives out as well as one adjacent section (determine as if generating a zombie) for 2d6 turns. During this time, figures in these sections have their visibility reduced to 6" unless they have flashlights or Night Vision equipment. If flashlights, they return to the normal 12" LOS for nighttime, but anyone around them (zombie or NPC) will be able to see the flashlight-holders up to 18" away

6     Jack in the Box? The player group is suddenly startled by a figure standing up within 3" of the group's star character. On a 1-3 s/he is a zombie, and 4-6 it's a wino wondering what all the fuss is about. However, the determination roll will depend on a Zed or No Zed test; pass 2d6 as its dark and it's a jump scare.

7      Sniper! This will result in one of the player's group being hit on a 1 in 6. For details, check ATZ page 58. 

8      Listen! Do you smell something? A building closest to the player group suddenly bursts into flames, acting as 6 rolls to generate zombies. Within 2d6 turns a fire truck with 5 firefighters will arrive and start trying to put out the fire, possibly encountering the aforementioned generated zombies. If player star is within a building, it catches fire and an Insight test must be made to notice the smoke. Failure means the figure and any grunts with them take damage as if impacted by an impact 1 firearm. Of course, at that point they realize there's a fire and may leave the building!

9     News Team Traffic: A news station helicopter hovers over the player group and decides to get some good footage. For 1-3 turns (d6/2) they will keep a spotlight on the group until they are finished filming. If the illumination lasts 3 turns count as another Random Event roll. The subsequent encounter would of course be broadcast live on News Channel 1: Your #1 News Leader!

10    Pray you never need to call us! A group of vigilantes (equal number to the player group) are looking to save their city from zombies. They've seen all the movies so they KNOW what they're doing. Maybe they think the player's group is already bitten? Perhaps the player group is all smart zombies like in the Night of the Return of the Dawning Dead? Use the Meet & Greet table to resolve this situation.

11    Bad Boys: A band of looters come upon your player group, and they're not interested in talking. Treat reactions as one pass die less than actually rolled, and determine group size by the ATZ rulebook.

12    Police Squad: a police van arrives. This is the same as #2 above, but there are 3-5 (2+ a d6 with a 1-2 being 1, 3-4 being 2, and 5-6 being 3) officers inside. They will react as noted in #2 above.

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