Thursday, August 4, 2011

ATZ House Rules

Below is the first “House Rule” for my All Things Zombie campaign. It was inspired by the two little girls we rescued in Game 3, and is also inspired by a similar rule from the RPG The Shotgun Diaries (a great little RPG-Buy it if you can!).

This post will be edited if/when more house rules come into play

“No one gets left behind!”

This rule gives some bonus to the survivor group that strives to keep people with them, even if they’re not obviously useful. Anyone with a Reputation of 2 or less falls into this category; be they sick, infirm, children, etc. These individuals do not count, as part of the star’s number of grunts as noted in ATZ page 4.

Effects: At the beginning of each encounter, the side with such non-offensive members will gain a dice pool of 1 die per Reputation 2 or less individual in the group. The individual(s) need not be part of the specific encounter, just part of the group.

At any time during the encounter, the side with the dice pool may elect to take a die from the pool and add it to any non-activation test, check or challenge. The use of the die must be declared before the test/check/challenge is rolled for. Once the die is used, it is removed from play and may not be used again that encounter.

NOTE: If the inoffensive figure is killed (say during a Raid or Take Back encounter, the die is lost.

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