Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Its not what you think...?"

Fast move
CJ: 1 success

Connor: 1 success

Matt: 2 successes


Using the ATZ: FFO Fast movement rules (which I like better than ATZ:BDTZ) both CJ and Connor move the 8” normal move +4” which equals 12” north. Matt with 2 successes could technically move 16” but doesn’t want to leave the group so will only move 12”.


Running straight north leads them right into PEF 2, which resolves as… Oh yay, a police car! Police are in a vehicle, and pass in sight test.



Meanwhile, what about that pesky car alarm?


The car alarm now generates zombies. As this is Day 1 of the outbreak, this urban area is treated as a suburban area (5 or 6 on d6) to generate new zombies. I roll and resolve 3 zombies that appear, one north, at 12:00, one southeast at 5:00, and the last at 6:00 south. They are placed 12” away from the noise that generated them (the car alarm) which means our heroes run right into the 12” zombie!


All zombies congregate on the car alarm as currently Stars are out of sight of any zombies. The two (5 and 6pm) zombies walk around the convention center and move west. The zombie walking north into section 4 turns around instead and heads south towards the car alarm. The two zombies in the street and the one on the west side of the center turn and congregate around the van; probably beating the hell out of it to get inside.


*          *            *


With Connor’s suggestion, the trio runs down the side of the street, northwards and hopefully to freedom. As they get nearer to the intersection suddenly a car’s headlights come on, and so do police lights and siren. A gruff voice over a PA system says “Hold it right there! Do not move!”


*          *            *


Now, we need to do a “Meet & Greet” for the police. Over to you folks!


Zombie Chow






Monday, November 17, 2014

Down the Road

ATZ Turns 3-5


Stars: 6

Zombies: 4

PEFs: 3

There are no doubles so no Random Events

Zombies and PEFs move, Stars do not activate this turn. PEF #2 moves into area 5 on the road, but is still beyond the 6" visual range for nighttime without lighting so no Insight test is triggered. The group is out of visual range of the zombies at the ambulance so their movement is random.

Zombies at the wreck: 1 moves North 6” toward section 1. The other zombie bumps into the ambulance and skirts around it south into Section 7.

Zombies at parking lot: 1 moves south then east to the side of the convention center. The half zombie moves north to the roadway. This zombie is only a half a body, so movement is reduced to 3”.

Still no zombies in sight of Stars or visa versa as turn ends.

*          *            *

Turn 4:


Stars: 5

Zombies: 5

PEFs: 6

Nobody activates, but doubles are rolled so a Random Event is triggered!

A roll of 12 means 2 events are triggered, and a 6 and 7 means both are vehicle events. A roll on the Vehicle Events table comes up a 3 and a 7, to wit;


3     Random vehicle on table has car alarm go off. Roll each turn to attract zombies. May be disconnected by hotwiring the vehicle. If a Raid encounter the enemy will now count as fully aware.




7     If inside a vehicle there is a zombie in the back seat. The zombie automatically activates and melee is joined.

***Since nobody’s in a vehicle 7 is ignored. A random roll says the vehicle the 2 parking lot zombies are near (the Mobile Service van) has its alarm go off.


*          *            *


Turn 5:


Stars: 2

Zombies: 1

PEFs: 5

Stars and Zombies activate this turn, PEFs do not. Stars move before zombies though.

The car alarm will possibly draw zombies, they will be placed at the end of the turn.

Your move, guys!

Zombie Chow

Friday, November 7, 2014

Out on the Streets

The three friends stood at the rear steps leading into the back of the Victorian mansion now convention center. The faint glow of electric streetlights far to the north broke up the otherwise pitch-black night around them. Down the facing street to the west could be seen the strobing lights of an ambulance but little else in the area.

As they looked at each other, deciding what to do…Matt waves at a figure coming around the east side of the building. “Hey, are you with the convention?”

The figure doesn’t respond, and walks slowly to the three on the steps…

***Time to roll a “Zed or no Zed” check! I’ll post results as a reply to this thread.


Zombie Chow