Friday, October 31, 2014

Shots in the Dark: Turn 2

Connor couldn’t see much past the small circle of light around him, but heard CJ’s voice echoing from the upper landing of the stairway. While waiting for his brother to make his way down the dark stairs, a stranger made the landing first. He blinked at Connor in the yellow flickering light and said “Hey. Did you hear anything about the riots? Are the police here yet?”


Before the zippo-wielding man could comment, the sound of police sirens cut through the night. They rose in volume, then began to recede. Strobing red and blue lights past the windows of the convention rear of the building as a squad car shot down the street, moving at high speed.


Matthew joined his friend in the lobby, and said “Riots? What’s that about?” The unnamed man continued in a rush. “I was watching TV before the power went out, and the local station was saying something about attacks and fights breaking out at the hospital. They had some guy at the scene, but were having trouble raising him.” He shrugged at Connor and Matt, then said “Either way, I’m not staying at this lame con. I’m outta here!”


With that he walked blindly towards the back door. From the side windows, the four of them (now joined by CJ) saw the faint yet steady glow of flashing lights…they appeared to be coming from an ambulance down the street, parked next to something in the darkness. The stranger opened the back door and stumbled off into the night, going west toward the parking lot.



***Ok, next moves?


Zombie Chow


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cast of Characters

Our 3 Survivors



Reputation 4 Citizen

Attributes: Medic 2, Marksman, Free Spirit

Weapon: None



Reputation 4 Citizen

Attributes: Medic 1, Athlete, Knife fighter

Weapons: None



Reputation 4 Citizen

Attributes: Born Leader, Swordsman, Runt
Weapons: none to follow tonight. Honest!

Zombie Chow

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 1: "Splattercon!!!"


Day 1


“Man, I hate lame conventions…”


Matthew sighed dramatically and took another drink of rum and coke. This round, was it the fourth? Fifth? He couldn’t remember…was more rum than Coke he figured. Still, what else do you do at the hotel bar at possibly the worst attended Horror convention in North America.


His companion just nodded sagely. “True dat.” He threw back his own drink and glanced with a gimlet eye at the television running the local news channel. It was posted on the ceiling, almost at the opposite end of the bar. The chipper blonde on there seemed to be smiling while informing the public of a new celebrity faux pas, a new terror attack, just about anything and ms. ‘Tee Hee’ chick wouldn’t change her delivery one jot. He turned back to Matthew and asked “Where the hell is CJ anyway?”


“Still in his room I think.” Matthew’s reply was dour, but he’d been that way as soon as the attendance became apparent. Granted, this was the first Horror con in Tyson City, “Splattercon!!!” had been all over the papers in Chicago a few years ago. Well, this sequel in the semi-boonies didn’t seem to be making a splash. Or a splatter. Or anything.


Connor shrugged, and gestured to the barkeeper for another scotch. “Well Matt, I can’t but think he might have the right idea. Or is he still sick from dinner?”


The other man just shrugged. “He’s your brother, how should I know? Though it is funny, an internal medicine doctor getting sick from Taco Hut burritos.” He chuckled, an expression not shared by Connor.


“Well” the brother of the aforementioned doctor grumbled. “It could be worse.”


With a far off crash down the street, there was heard the pop of electronics and all the lights went out in the bar.


In the pitch-blackness, Matt sighed again. “You just had to say that, didn’t you?”


*          *          *




The player characters will start inside the Victorian mansion that Tyson City remade into a convention center back in the 1980s. It is 1am in the morning, with a partly cloudy sky. All power in board sections 4-8 are out, and sections 1-3 are spotty, with the warehouse in section 1 lit but not the auto body shop.


The goal of the player characters (PCs) is to leave the center and get out of the “dead” area. Exiting via the road going west off board in section  1 or the road leaving the board north on section 2 are the only obvious ways out of the blackout area. Other might or might not work…as encounters may show. All PCs came to the con by taxi, so they have no cars themselves. However, hotwiring may be possible, as are chances police will show up and arrest carjackers (see Day 1: rules in ATZ: BDTZ for details).


The Board


Section 1: Auto-body shop, warehouse, road west.

Section 2: wood

Section 3: North road, clear/Hill

Section 4: Electrical Transformer

Section 5: Retail Store

Section 6: Hamburger Hut

Section 7:  Road west, clear/Parking Area

Section 8:  building***Con center

Section 9: Offices, road east


There is one wreck, a car into the transformer at 4, killing electrics on most of the board


There are 4 starting zombies:

1 in 7 between parked cars

2 at 4, Transformer wreck and ambulance

1 at 8, on the Far East side of the convention building


There are 3 PEFs (Potential Enemy Forces) along the north endge of the board, sections 1-2. Visibility is down to 8 inches on sections 3-9, but are 12 inches on sections 1 and 2.


Special Rules:


* Even though all PCs are in the convention center, the center can still be “searched” for useful items or encounters. Searches count as Suburb instead of Urban in the center due to lack of light.


* Game starts with Matthew and Connor, though others who are currently out of town (no names!) may join in as they wish. If there’s no post in a given week, then we assume that the PC is holding in place…no doubt terrified!


Your move, guys!


Zombie Chow


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crawling from the Grave…


Well, it’s been almost a year since my last post and I’ve finally got the gumption to restart things here. Part of what’s caused this is that a couple of old pals of mine were in a Rotworld RPG with me when the game took an untenable turn and we bailed. Yet we still wanted to play Zombie Survival gaming. What to do?


After some e chatting we decided to go to my old love All Things Zombie. We discussed setting up a forum to run the game and started looking at free forum options. Then it hit me. Why not just revive this blog and run it via posts, with the guys posting in comments their reactions?


I must admit Shelldrake’s ATZ games via webcam inspired me some…but since webcam isn’t feasible we decided to go with photos instead and a gratuitous amount of verbal RPGs. We shall see how this work.


For ATZ purists reading this, don’t expect the games to be 100% BTB. I’m using ATZ: Better Dead than Zed with a few Final Fade-Out rules imported in and a bunch of house rules to increase the RPG feel without some of the clunkier systems out of FFO. The rules suggest starting out at Rep 5, but we agreed to go with Rep 4 instead. To cover this a bit more (and increase the RPGisms) I’m going to allow Stars to start with 3 attributes instead of 2. We shall see how this works. I’m also going to try (at least for the first game) to use both random zombie generation along with PEFs. If we don’t survive I’ll revisit this issue!


Hang on everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


Zombie Chow