Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dramatis Personae

Below are the characters in the survival group as of Game 4; of which I'll give more details soon. You'll note that All Things Zombie has very few characteristics and attributes. Which is good, considering the lethality of the game!

Characters are split into two groups, Stars and Grunts. Stars are the leader types and generally "your" characters. Grunts are people you recruit and follow your stars, unless they give stupid orders or otherwise prove bad leaders; just like real life. Reputation is a catch-all characteristic that encapsulates personal ability at checks, tests and challenges. It can go up for successes and down with failures on missions. Classes are general professions, and are given as Civillians, Police/Military, Gangers, Survivors, and Newsies. Attributes are more a combination of skills and talents, and most characters have either 1 or 2; never more.

Ok, enough are the crew!

*      *      *
The Survivors

Michael  S.

Reputation: 5 Star- Civillian

* Born Leader

Weapon: M1 Carbine, Rapier

Lisa G.

Reputation: 4 Star Civillian

* Swordswoman +1d6 to melee

Weapon: Rapier

Kailee W.  (Joins in Game 2)
Reputation: 3 Grunt Civillian

* Slow to React (-1 Insight+Recovery tests)

Weapon: Baseball Bat

Sebastian C. (Joins Game 4)
Reputation: 3 Grunt Police

* Marksman =rolls 2d6 and chooses best w/bolt action rifle

Weapon: BA pistol

Jennifer B. (Joins Game 4)
Reputation: 4 Grunt Police

*Marksman =rolls 2d6 and chooses best w/bolt action rifle
*Forensic Scientist

Weapon: Submachine gun

Neeva M. (Joins Game 4)
Reputation:4 Grunt Civillian

*Runt = -1d6 in melee
*Speaks Spanish

Weapon: Shotgun

* * *
The grunts were rolled up randomly using the ATZ rulebook, but for names, genders, and personalities I used the Mystery-Thriller Character Generator at and came up with some good personalities.

Next will be a House Rules post, then Game 2: The evening of Day 2!

Zombie Chow

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the inclusion of the Mystery-Thriller Character Generator link in this post. I agree, it seemed to come up with some interesting personalities for your random characters. Looks as though it would be a good resource for anyone wanting to come up with an NPC personality on the fly for just about any game. Thanks for sharing that.