Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Survivors return....

Hey all,

My survivor figs (along with a few police and soldiers) arrived painted from Dexter in the UK...they look great! I'll get the lovely wife to take some pics to show off the figs in a couple of days. I'm especially impressed by the work he did on the Red Box plastic police and gangsters...RB is notorious for flash and chunky molds; but they're the only place to find 1/72 police, civillians, etc. He went above and beyond the call in fixing these guys up. ;)

Even though the blog has languished, I've been reading (ok listening to audio) some zombie books from Audible. Quite a pile actually, and of the group I've got to reccomendJonothan Maberry's Dead of Night and the Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Geillor. Alison Hewitt is Trapped (book done in the form of an updated blog) is also pretty ok, but has a couple of continuity SNAFUs that bug me a bit. Still each is a good listen if you have the time and inclination....thogh as you can imagine the Zombies of Lake Woebegotten is a Zomody; taking the idea of having a zombie apocalypse in the iconic Minnesota town of Lake Woebegone (see Prarie home Companion on NPR for more). Of course they couldn't CALL it Woebegone, so we get Woebegotten. Still funny, and yet just as plausible zombie story too.

Of course, if you read this blog I don't need to remind you that AMC's The Walking Dead has had its finale and we've got the crew back on the road once again. I look forward to Season 3, though it'll take until Oct for us to see it. :P 


I'm glad they finally whacked Shane, but even though they did it differently from the comic I still thought it was well done. Especially how they sorta paid homage to the comic by having Carl sorta-shoot Shane after all. ;)  I frankly expected a higher body count from the farm, but its probably best since I liked all the characters that survived. Well, except Dale but they did his death well so I won't complain (much). I just wish they'd work with T-Dog to build his character like they did with Daryl this season. He's had maby 6 lines all season? I'm afraid if they don't do something soon, it'll mean he's going to be red-shirted this Fall. <sigh>

More soon, and I'm going to work on doing a better job of posting from now on. Honest!

Zombie Chow

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still alive....No, really!

Hey all,

Gaming has been on hiatus because I'm getting (most of) my survivors and police/soldiers painted. Once they return via the post I'll start up again. Until then, here's a few questions for one and all.

1. What do you use for dead zombies? That is, head shot but still lying around?

2. What about wrecked cars? Do you just break some models or something else?


3. Do you think having some paper models of buildings set alongside full models messes up the ambiance? As my photos show, I've got several pre-painted buildings but there are some I just can't get either pre-constructed or they don't make in HO scale. So, I'm considering filling those gaps with paper models on cardboard, but am concerned it'll look weird.

All opinions appreciated!

Zombie Chow