Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Its not what you think...?"

Fast move
CJ: 1 success

Connor: 1 success

Matt: 2 successes


Using the ATZ: FFO Fast movement rules (which I like better than ATZ:BDTZ) both CJ and Connor move the 8” normal move +4” which equals 12” north. Matt with 2 successes could technically move 16” but doesn’t want to leave the group so will only move 12”.


Running straight north leads them right into PEF 2, which resolves as… Oh yay, a police car! Police are in a vehicle, and pass in sight test.



Meanwhile, what about that pesky car alarm?


The car alarm now generates zombies. As this is Day 1 of the outbreak, this urban area is treated as a suburban area (5 or 6 on d6) to generate new zombies. I roll and resolve 3 zombies that appear, one north, at 12:00, one southeast at 5:00, and the last at 6:00 south. They are placed 12” away from the noise that generated them (the car alarm) which means our heroes run right into the 12” zombie!


All zombies congregate on the car alarm as currently Stars are out of sight of any zombies. The two (5 and 6pm) zombies walk around the convention center and move west. The zombie walking north into section 4 turns around instead and heads south towards the car alarm. The two zombies in the street and the one on the west side of the center turn and congregate around the van; probably beating the hell out of it to get inside.


*          *            *


With Connor’s suggestion, the trio runs down the side of the street, northwards and hopefully to freedom. As they get nearer to the intersection suddenly a car’s headlights come on, and so do police lights and siren. A gruff voice over a PA system says “Hold it right there! Do not move!”


*          *            *


Now, we need to do a “Meet & Greet” for the police. Over to you folks!


Zombie Chow







Chancetarget said...

"Officers, are we glad to see you! I am Dr Young, CJ Young, and this is my brother Connor and my friend Matt. We were at the convention center when the power went out. We heard the sirens and started heading towards the ambulance. We cannot find anyone! Do you guys have any idea whats going on and how to get out of this place?"

Zombie Chow said...

CJ has the “Free Spirit attribute, so he does the talking for the group. This gives him a +1 so success is on a 1-4 on d6. The Stars should get an extra die for outnumbering the police, but this is cancelled by the fact the cops are in a vehicle. Police are a Rep 4 and a Rep 5, so the M&G is against the Rep 5 cop.

Meet & Greet Results: Roll 1
CJ: 3 successes
Police : 2 successes

Meet & Greet Results: Roll 2
CJ: 3 successes
Police : 0 successes

Stars have 3 successes. This is a good result, or is it?

* * *

The police car breaks to the side of the road and both officers emerge from the vehicle. The driver, an older man, walks across the front of the car to speak to the trio standing on the sidewalk. Matt prays fervently that they don’t notice the blood droplets on Connor’s sleeve from the bartender!

The older cop nods to CJ and says “I’m sorry sir, there’s been a hell of a lot of strangeness going on tonight. You folks on this end of town don’t know the half of it.” He sighs loudly, then continues. “You’re from out of town? You should probably go back to your hotel and wait until this has been resolved. Its kinda dangerous out here, so let me and my partner drive you back to your hotel.” He looks speculatively at the trio. “ Unless, being doctors, you’d like to volunteer at the local clinic? We’re getting some weird injuries reporting into the ER. Hell, we’re down here right now looking for an ambulance that’s gone AWOL. Maybe that’s the one you saw?”

Well amigos? :D


DocBennie said...


so, anyway...

"yes, officers, we heard the ambulance go by...and saw the lights down the road a bit..."

said Connor, nervous of the blood stains on his sleeve...

"I think your idea of going back to our hotel is a good one...we can collect our luggage and personal belongings...and if you can direct us towards the closest clinic...we will meet up there afterwards?"

"the ambulance went that way, and is a few blocks down...can't miss the lights..."

said Connor, pointing in the general direction of the convention center...

Chancetarget said...

"What type of strange injuries are you hearing about?" CJ asks. "If we can grab our stuff, perhaps we can head to the clinic and see whats going on. I know the hotel is without power right now, and walking through town is kinda nerve wracking. I have never seen anything like this."

Zombie Chow said...

“Well sir, its like this. A lot of bite and scratch wounds, apparently all from people not animals.” The cop keeps informing them of the problems they’d faced throughout the night. Civilians in a panic, groups of attackers breaking into homes, even some looting. The conversation continues as the police car drives at a leisurely pace back towards the Splattercon!!! Convention center.

* * *
Turn 7

Survivors: 5
Police: 3
Zombies: 1
PEFs: 1

Stars don’t activate, but everyone else does. The police help the Stars into the back seat of the car, planning to take them to the hotel and then check on the ambulance. They lose 2” for getting into the car and move 10” down the road (after a successful “Car Won’t Start” check). A zombie comes around the corner towards them, but is lost in the darkness as the car leaves the section.

***More after Thanksgiving!


Chancetarget said...

"We can head right to the ambulance. I don't think there is anything in our rooms we need and the paramedics may need some help." CJ states as the cops turn towards the hotel.
"I have never seen anything like this. Its almost like the whole town staged something for the horror convention. Crazy!"

Zombie Chow said...

CJ sees the older cop nod in agreement from the driver’s side of the front seat. “Well sir, if you’re sure. We don’t want to put you fellas in any…”

The policeman’s voice trails off as the headlights reveal the prone body of the bartender near the rear steps of the convention center. Also caught in the beams are two staggering forms, both disheveled and staring into the high beams of the patrol car. Not blinking, not reacting, except for turning towards the source of the illumination.

“Aw shit.” The senior cop snarls. “Looks like those two jacked that guy on the concrete up.” He stops the vehicle and both officer jump out of the front seat, pistols brandished at the two strangers.

“Freeze! You’re under arrest!” The younger cop shouts at the man and woman in front of the car. “Raise your hands over your head, and kneel on the ground. Now!”

* * *

BTW, forgot to note that with 2 1’s its time for another random encounter!

6 If using a vehicle and left it parked, you left the keys in the ignition.

This will be decided as noted above, with the cops leaving the car running.

The two remaining PEFs move as follows: PEF in section 1 near the gas station moves to section 4, just behind the retail shop and the chain link back fence. The other PEF behind the hamburger shop moves into section 5 onto the highway but are out of any in sight test due to the power outage.

* * *

Turn 8

Stars: 5
Police: 5
Zombies: 3
PEFs: 5

More Random encounters!

“2 If moving in a vehicle it will now run out of gas and roll to a stop.”

The car is already stopped so this does not apply.

The zombies charge the two police officers, and they take a “Zed or No Zed” test.

The young cop (Rep 4) passes 3 dice while the older cop (Rep 5) passes only 1. They take the “Being Charged” test. Young cop passes 4d6(!) and older cop passes 3 dice…so they open fire. Both shots hit, and the woman goes down with a bullet in her shoulder, while the man takes a shot directly to his sternum.

Ok, let me know your immediate reactions and I’ll start a new post!


Zombie Chow said...

Turn 9

PEFs: 3

PEFs activate first. The PEF from the Hamburger joint to the middle of the road moves south into section 8, right behind the police car. It is resolved as a false alarm. Must be getting jumpy! PEF 2 at the chain link fence doesn’t move at all.

Stars activate next. Matt asks the police to please unlock the back doors and gets 2 successes. The younger cop opens the back door, though warning everyone to stay away from the crime scene. The older cop leans in and calls in the shooting on his radio. Then, to everyone’s horror both the shot figures stand up and go into melee with the cops!

Ok, NOW let me know your actions and we’ll go into a new post. ;)


DocBennie said...

I quickly jump out of the police car, and look around to make sure that there are no other 'freaks' lurking about...other than the 2 that are being shot by the police...

since I don't have 'out of game' knowledge about killing zeds with head shots, I can't make any suggestions to the police...unless I noticed that it took head damage to take down the bartender zed?

"CJ, Matt...I'm feeling like a sitting duck right now..."

Chancetarget said...

"What the hell is going on?!?" CJ yells.
As he gets out if the police car he takes a look into the front seat (often there is a shotgun in the car) looking for anything useful and checking to see if the car is still on. He will then back up besides Matt and Connor.
"If those cops go down, we get the hell out of here!

harada57 said...
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