Monday, November 17, 2014

Down the Road

ATZ Turns 3-5


Stars: 6

Zombies: 4

PEFs: 3

There are no doubles so no Random Events

Zombies and PEFs move, Stars do not activate this turn. PEF #2 moves into area 5 on the road, but is still beyond the 6" visual range for nighttime without lighting so no Insight test is triggered. The group is out of visual range of the zombies at the ambulance so their movement is random.

Zombies at the wreck: 1 moves North 6” toward section 1. The other zombie bumps into the ambulance and skirts around it south into Section 7.

Zombies at parking lot: 1 moves south then east to the side of the convention center. The half zombie moves north to the roadway. This zombie is only a half a body, so movement is reduced to 3”.

Still no zombies in sight of Stars or visa versa as turn ends.

*          *            *

Turn 4:


Stars: 5

Zombies: 5

PEFs: 6

Nobody activates, but doubles are rolled so a Random Event is triggered!

A roll of 12 means 2 events are triggered, and a 6 and 7 means both are vehicle events. A roll on the Vehicle Events table comes up a 3 and a 7, to wit;


3     Random vehicle on table has car alarm go off. Roll each turn to attract zombies. May be disconnected by hotwiring the vehicle. If a Raid encounter the enemy will now count as fully aware.




7     If inside a vehicle there is a zombie in the back seat. The zombie automatically activates and melee is joined.

***Since nobody’s in a vehicle 7 is ignored. A random roll says the vehicle the 2 parking lot zombies are near (the Mobile Service van) has its alarm go off.


*          *            *


Turn 5:


Stars: 2

Zombies: 1

PEFs: 5

Stars and Zombies activate this turn, PEFs do not. Stars move before zombies though.

The car alarm will possibly draw zombies, they will be placed at the end of the turn.

Your move, guys!

Zombie Chow


Zombie Chow said...

As the three walked cautiously down the night-obscured roadway the silence was shattered by a howling wail. At first they thought the ambulance siren was turned on, but the direction of the cacophony changed that notion. Instead of coming from the strobing red lights ahead, the noise came from the left, in the shadow of the convention center’s parking lot. The vehicle, a utility van, began flashing its headlights in a rhythmic pattern. “A car alarm?” Matt voiced the thoughts of the group. “What set off a car alarm?”

Ben Fialkow said...

"Damn dude... Can't hear myself think, with that damned alarm going off...let's get the heck out of here...too much weird shit going on..."

Says Connor, still mulling over the "dead" bartender...

"Nothing is making much sense right now..."

Chancetarget said...

"I knew I should not have eaten that crap….damn TACO HELL Burrito! Maybe this is all just food poisoning and I am having hallucinations."

CJ reaches out and pinches Connor.
As Connor yelps, "Damn, guess its not a dream."
"So what the hell is going on here, fellas? I am all for fantasy and science fiction, but hell, Connor, you just stabbed a guy who looked dead before you killed him….the town is eerily dark and quiet, outside of the G-D car alarm….and things just are not right!!!!"

Zombie Chow said...

Ok, just to be clear is the consensus to run for the ambulance? That'd be a Fast Move so I need to know.

BTW, regarding the two zombies (1 and a half?) in the road. I did both In Sight tests and a Zed or No Zed test for everyone. I figured that the headlights of the van and the ambulance lights would partially reveal them.

In Sight Test
CJ: 2 successes
Connor: 3 successes
Matt: 2 successes

All see the zombies in the road.

As for the “Zed or No Zed” test
CJ: 2 successes
Connor: 3 successes
Matt: 1 success

Both CJ and Connor realize they are some of the "weirdos" and not just people. Matt’s not doing well this game!

Let me know what your plans are…


Ben Fialkow said...

"F##k that, dude...I'm not going anywhere near those drugged up freaks!!!"

Replied Connor, slowing down...

"Damn... Pick a different way, dude!!!"

Zombie Chow said...

"uhh.... Is that guy crawling on the road ok?" Matt asks his companions, but makes no move towards the figure. "Guys, we gotta do something. If not the ambulance, where?"

He glances over his shoulder and says "It looks like north of here the lights are still on. Do we go that way?"

The car alarm's blare deafens the trio as other forms move from out of the shadows...

C'mon guys...make a decision!


DocBennie said...

"yeah, Matt...good idea...let's head north...away from these drugged out freaks...remember, that other guy was pretty violent, so I'm not in the mood to find out if these are the same!"

Connor grabs CJ's arm, and turns him around facing north, towards the lights of the city...

"Do you see anyone in this direction?" (north)...he asks Matt...

"I suggest we book it, guys...until we get somewhere with the power working, so we can see where the heck we are going...and maybe find someone who can tell us what the hell is going on!"