Thursday, December 4, 2014

Turn 10: "Whacha gonna do when they Come for You?"

*For last turn, gunshots generate no zombies.



Turn 10



Stars: 2

Police: 1

Zombies: 5

PEF: 2



The lone PEF gets no successes so doesn’t move from its place behind the retail shop.


*Connor makes a in sight test to see the zombies moving east down the road towards them. He gets 3 successes, so sees the four moving towards them from the west (where car alarm and ambulance is).


*CJ makes a challenge test to see if the shotgun is in the front seat or in the trunk. As the police have been dealing with looters I’ll say only 2 successes are necessary for the shotgun to be there. CJ gets 3 successes, so surreptitiously snags the shotgun without either cop seeing him.


Matt moves towards the older cop to assist in melee.


Zombies do not activate.


Police go into melee with zombies.


Round 1

Rep 5 cop:3

Matt: 1 success

Zombie: 4 successes (2 on cop, 2 on Matt)


Round 2

Rep 5 cop:  1 success

Matt: 1 Success

Zombie: 3 successes (2 on cop, 1 on Matt)


Round 3

Rep 5 cop: 0 success

Matt: 1 success

Zombie:  1 success (on cop 2)


Round 4

Matt: 1 success

Zombie: 0 success

The Rep5 policeman is Out of the Fight, while the zombie is Obviously Dead.


Now: Cop 2!


Round 1

Rep 4 cop: 3 successes

Zombie: 2 successes


Round 2

Rep 4 cop:   3 successes

Zombie: 1 success


Round 3

Rep 4 cop:  1 success

Zombie: 1 success


Round 4

Rep 4 cop:  1 success

Zombie: 0 success


Zombie is killed



The Police car is left running so 3 zombies are generated. 2 from the west, 1 from the east, all 12” from the Stars.

***Random Event and fiction coming up!
Zombie Chow 




Zombie Chow said...

First, the Random Encounter for turn 10:

12 A What? A tiger is found walking down the street or out of a building. It hates zombies and will attack on sight, but will not attack humans unless attacked first. If a successful "Meet & Greet" roll is made by the star, a new ally might be recruited! The tiger is Rep 5 but (obviously) has no skills.”

OMG? As this occurs before the PEF resolution, I roll randomly to note location and so the zombies are pursuing the tiger. Connor passes 2d6 on an in sight test, but CJ only gets 1 and doesn’t notice the feline. Matthew is in melee so doesn’t get a chance to see.

* * *

The two policemen lose little time in closing with the two sick people, trying to cuff them and get them onto the ground. The younger cop struggles with a disheveled man baring his teeth, while the older cop goes to subdue the young woman.

The three civilians watch the emerging melees. “Jesus” Matt says. “I can’t believe they’re trying to arrest these weirdoes?” Matt sighs and moves to assist the senior cop in his struggle with the girl. Unfortunately the officer is caught between his door and the car as the snarling woman pushes the door into him. Matt grabs her by the hair and tries to pull her off the cop so he can escape the trap he’s in. A yell and a strong yank pull the creature off the older man…only to reveal a chunk of his forearm missing. For a moment red muscle and yellow cartilage is revealed, then blood fountains onto the door.

Despite the wound, the now furious cop beats the woman with his truncheon. The woman can’t get back to her feet as Matt continues to pull her down to the concrete. In a few seconds, the fight is over and the woman lies still, bloody and lifeless.

Meanwhile the younger cop is having better luck with his opponent. He catches the growling man’s wrist and twists his arm behind his back, all the while shouting for the man to set onto the pavement. There is a snap of bone as the frenzied man shatters his own elbow and just misses biting the cop in the neck. Horrified at this, the police officer empties his pistol into the man’s head and chest. With a thump, another body falls to the street.

Connor sees movement in the strobing lights of the ambulance and the car’s headlights. With a start he realizes the shadows are more of those sickos. Several more!

“Hey” Connnor’s shout breaks the silence after the melee. “There’s more of those guys coming down the road!”

Matt looks up as he tries to help the wounded officer into the back seat of the cruiser. They had a tourniquet on the wound, but the senior cop looked pale and disoriented. Matt followed Connor’s gaze and became pale himself. “Oh shit. We gotta get outta here!”


* * *

Turn 11

Stars: 5
Police: 3
Zombies: 6
PEF: 1

Stars and zombies do not activate, the policeman and the PEF do. Ignoring the warning the remaining unwounded officer glares at the oncoming group and reloads his pistol. He starts firing, but misses.

The PEF activates, and moves 12” towards the location of firing and car engine. They are within 6: so the PEF is revealed as…4 more zombies! Things are looking bad for our heroes!

Zombie Chow

PS: pic of board up in a bit...

Ben Fialkow said...
Do I see the keys in the ignition? Or are two on the body of one of the cops... Because that would suck...

Zombie Chow said...

The car's still running so yes they're in the ignition.


Ben Fialkow said...

Well...shit...I just spent 20 minutes typing à paragraph... And my PIECE OF SHIT computer froze and deleted it... F@#k you, computer!!!

Anyway... I get in the car and call for everyone to get in...

"Marines, we are LEAVING!!!"

Chancetarget said...

CJ jumps out of the squad car with the shotgun and looks around. Seeing the injured cop, the group of crazies coming and his brother in the front seat of the car, he jumps back in, makes sure a shell is loaded and aims at the nearest wackjob.

"Ok, Connor, last time I am doing a horror convention with yiu guys! This shit is WACK!"

Ben Fialkow said...

"Matty, what's the plan dude?"
Said Connor, nervously testing the car's responsiveness...
"Grab the other cop and let's get the heck out of here!"

harada57 said...
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