Thursday, December 11, 2014

Turn 14: Up and Away


Stars: 6

Police: 2

Zombies: 1

Tiger: 4

Stars don’t activate, but I use the Final Fade-Out rule that cars running still move even if the driver doesn’t activate. After all, you’re driving at full move so you wouldn’t suddenly hover in place just because you didn’t make the roll.

The tiger goes first, attacking another zombie. Zombie loses (it’s a tiger after all!) and is Out of the Fight, which means Obviously Dead. The zombies go into melee on the tiger in return…leaving the tiger battered but victorious!

The remaining policeman takes a “Leader Lost” roll to reflect the cruiser taking off, and falls back to the convention center. He fires at the zombie nearest and misses.

Zombies converge on the cop except for the one on the highway, which follows in the cruiser’s wake. Curiously no zombies are generated this turn, neither the shot nor the car engine causes enough noise.

Our Stars saunter off the board edge, and this game ends.

So, you’ve got a police car, a shotgun, a truncheon, a pistol with ammo… Where do you guys go next?


Zombie Chow



Chancetarget said...

"It's a hundred and six miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses!"

CJ turns around in his seat and leans over to examine the police officer, trying to stop any bleeding and checking injuries.

"Seriously guys, we need to get this cop to a hospital....he does not look so good."

"What the hell is going on? What if the whole city is like that?"

DocBennie said...

"hey, CJ check around the seat and glove compartment to see if you can find anything useful...a walkie-talkie/radio would be great...maybe we can pick up some chatter on what is happening in the rest of the city?"

Said Connor, watching the road carefully, anxious to avoid hitting anything in the unlit, random escaped zoo animals (really, a tiger? now THAT wasn't something you saw everyda!!!), or any of those freaked out people...

Zombie Chow said...

Looking around the vehicle, CJ comes across a first aid kit, two half-empty coffees in the cup holders, and an odd printout document describing symptoms of the currently ill.

In short:

1. Subjects are disoriented but frequently show aggression to those uninfected around them. They somehow can discriminate between other sufferers of this infection and those not infected.

2. They seem to be resistant to pain, including injuries that would be incapacitating to uninfected humans. Police are encouraged to not aim for center mass but instead try to wound appendages if necessary to subdue them.

3. This unknown biologic agent appears not to be currently airborne; infection seems to be spread by body fluids and bites. Current research is centered on the possibility that this is a variant of rabies.

4. Preliminary reports indicate that sufferers of this unknown biologic agent have vastly reduced respiratory and circulatory systems; many undetectable by simple checks. It is currently unknown how they can continue to attack or move with such reduced functions.

5. Taser units seemed to briefly incapacitate victims of this disease, though they seem to recover as soon as current is shut off.

6. All victims must be taken to secure hospital facilities for treatment. No exceptions.

The police officer seems to have slipped into a coma-like state.

Zombie Chow

Chancetarget said...

"Here's a first aid kit, Matt. And Connor, listen to this..." And CJ proceeds to read the list he found of the new "illness".

"Guys, don't get bit!"

"Hey Matt, does the cop have any bite marks on him?"

Zombie Chow said...

Matt just gestures to the bloody hankerchief crapped around the police officer's forearm. The cop's belt seems to have been used as a tourniquet, but the cloth is still red with seeping blood.

"Yeah, I think we need to get to a hospital." He agrees with CJ. "One of those strip mall clinics at least. Can you find one on your smart phone?"


Chancetarget said...

"Let me check." CJ looks at his phone to see if he gets any signal.

"Does the officer have a pulse?"
"And if he is infected with this crazy virus, should we maybe secure him with a seatbelt or something?"

DocBennie said...

"hey guys, this might sound crazy...but...
we might want to have Matt squeeze into the front seat, and lock the officer in the back seat...just to be safe..."

Connor added, glancing quickly into the back seat before turning his attention back to the road...

"if he wakes up pissed-off crazy, I don't think you want to be sitting right next to him, Matty..."

Zombie Chow said...

Matt checks the officer's unwounded arm. "Yeah, he's got a pulse, but its erratic. I think. Hell, I'm not a doctor...and there's no seat belts I can find back here. Maybe his own belt?" He looked dubiously at the injured man. "we can't pin his hands, its his forearm where that chick bit him."

He leans towards the grillwork separating the front seat from the back. "You do have a point Con-man. Should we go to a clinic and shift seats there?" He blinks, then shrugs. "I'd hate to explain why we have a police car, and they might not let us take it from the clinic afterwards."

Matt sighs and looks at the brothers. "So...what's the plan?"


Chancetarget said...

"Matt, I think perhaps you should sit up here until we get to the clinic, just in case. I am sure we can explain why we are driving the police car if we need to."
CJ looks back at the officer.

"Hmm…we will need to find some other transportation when we drop him off."

"Matt, maybe take his belt off. There are some things in there we may be able to use later if needed."

DocBennie said...

"Yeah, I'm gonna pull over...Matty, grab whatever you need from the back seat, then squeeze in front with us."

"CJ, see if you can find a way to turn off these flashing reason to be too obvious...not until we have a better idea of what the heck is really going on!"

"Also, see if either of you can get cell reception...and figure out the closest medical facility..."

harada57 said...
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