Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Turn 12: Bugout?

Matt doesn’t reply at first to Connor’s query, showing the bleeding police officer into the car by main strength. He falls into the back seat as well, only then replying.

“I dunno. But we need to get outta here. This cop needs a doctor. Other than you two.” Matt’s eyes are drawn to the oncoming creatures, as if mesmerized by the danger. He blinks, then continues. “I don’t know WHAT the hell’s up with that cougar over there, but it looks like more of those rioters care trying to get past it. Let’s just go north. At least there the power’s still up.”

His last words are drowned out by the continuing gunfire of the younger cop, seeming determined to shoot every weirdo coming down the street. ‘Looks like both that cop and the kitty over there as lost it.’ Matt thought frantically. Will they be next?

The cop in the back seat seemed to have passed out, and Matt quietly retrieved the policeman’s pistol and spare magazines.


*          *            *


Turn 12


Stars: 3

Police: 1

Zombies: 6

Tiger:  5

The Tiger, Stars and cop activate, zombies do not.

The Tiger attacks one of the zombies following it, and gets 2 successes over it resulting in that Zombie being Obviously Dead.

Stars move as noted earlier. Connor jumps into the driver’s seat of the police cruiser, with CJ jumping in to ride…er…”shotgun.” ;)  Matt is already helping the injured cop into the back seat so will pile in as well.

What about the other cop? As CJ is nearest to him this will be a Rally check to get him into the car. CJ rolls 2 successes, but the cop gets 4! He ignores CJ’s pleas and keeps firing at the oncoming zombies. His two shots result in a miss and an Obviously Dead result, dropping one of the oncoming hordes.

What to do? Do you leave the cop, or try again to encourage him to see sense?

Zombie Chow


Chancetarget said...

CJ leans out and yells, "Come on, Officer, we have to get your partner to the clinic and you are the only one who knows the way! Hop in and lets get the Hell out of here!!!"

At the same time he checks the shotgun to make sure its loaded and then chambers a round, removing the safety. Eyeing the growing crowd he whispers to Connor, "If he does not join us now, get the hell out of here….I do NOT like the way this is looking. I have never seen anyone looking like these guys…its like a horror movie gone wrong!"

DocBennie said...

"CJ, I'm with you...try one more time to catch that cop's attention...because this car is LEAVING...with OR without him!!!"

Connor looks over his shoulder at Matt...

"Matty, how is that guy holding up? You OK back there?"

Connor puts the car into gear, and swings it around to point North, towards the distant city lights...

harada57 said...
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