Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cast of Characters

Our 3 Survivors



Reputation 4 Citizen

Attributes: Medic 2, Marksman, Free Spirit

Weapon: None



Reputation 4 Citizen

Attributes: Medic 1, Athlete, Knife fighter

Weapons: None



Reputation 4 Citizen

Attributes: Born Leader, Swordsman, Runt
Weapons: none


...pics to follow tonight. Honest!

Zombie Chow


DocBennie said...

OK, trying to get a feel for how this works...
but, if you and I have no real clue of the zed apocalypse, we would probably look for light sources (flashlight, etc) and then check on CJ.
If we were overly concerned, however, we would try to find useful items (whatever we could find), hand held weapons, etc, flashlights, food? and then check on CJ...
does that work for you?


Zombie Chow said...

Yeah, I'll give you the results of that in a bit. Probably best to continue this on the Day 1 post so we can keep events together.


Zombie Chow said...

Ok, this is over at the Day 1 post so reply there... I'm just reprinting here so you don't miss it.


Day 1 pt2

Ok, Connor fumbles around for a bit in the darkness and suddenly sees a light. The bartender shakes a glow stick and mutters something about going to see about the hotel’s generator. He hands Connor a zippo lighter and tells him to stay put. He leaves, the glowing green light fading into the lobby.

Connor’s determined to search though (as you noted) so looks around the bar. Unfortunately, other than liquor or draft beer there’s not much here.

Zombie Chow