Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surgery, In-Laws, and Defend!

Hello all,

Well, I've managed to get an ATZ game in this week but I had to play the Defend scenario for my group a bit fast and loose as my wife was supposed to have surgery today. Which meant my mother-in-law came down to help her through the post-op and for some reason wanted to stay in the guest bedroom instead of sleeping on the couch because my ATZ board was set up with minis on the bed. Weird! ;)

Anyway, I stayed up until 1am last night finishing the game (pics and batrep to follow soon) and I discovered a couple of things. First I rolled that half my group was gone (Kaylee, Sebastian, and Neeva) while Liz, Jennifer and I were at the house with the two little girls from the Domestic Disturbance scenario from ATZ Haven. The dice said for the team not to return until 4 activations but was a bit fuzzy as to when the count started. I had them start from the first activation the zombies began attacking the barricades as otherwise Team Kaylee would make it here in no time. How do others handle this?

By the ATZ barricade rules, since 2 of the 3 people in the house had some carpentry tools it seemed like the zombies couldnt' get in very well. After all, if a survivor is on the other side with tools then even if 3 zombies tear down the barricade 1 rank then that survivor can just put it back up on their activation right? Was I doing this correctly?

Anyway, more later. Hope all are having a fun January!

Zombie Chow


lrqan said...

Good on you mate. I hope the memsahib gets better soon and it wasn't too traumatic for her. Look forward to the BATREP. I haven't been able to get my gaming $%&* into gear yet tis year.

Simon Q said...

Hope this other half as a speedy recovery and look forward to the batrep.

Zombie Chow said...

The delay in the surgery actually works out in a strange way, as now my wife gets general anesthetic. She was originally to get a local, and really wanted to get knocked out for the whole thing. I'll try to get my Defend scenario up in the next week or two. Need to get the wifey to get the pics off her camera before she's OTL. ;)


Anonymous said...

looks like you need a new spam filter or similar .

Zombie Chow said...

Yeah Anon...but since the provided one stinks I just need to check over here more often to blast the spam. ;)


Zombie Chow said...

...and I just found out my gmail has been putting all the comment announcements from Anonymous in my spam filter. Which is why I didn't notice the flood before. :P