Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A warning for those buying plastic minis

ThinkGeek is running a sale on some plastic army men and zombies...As I am big into 20mm figs (ie plastic army men) I thought this would be a great set to use to increase my variety of zombies. A few extra survivors wouldn't hurt either. So, I put them on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas.

My In-Laws (of all people!) got them for me. Great, right! Wrong! The figures are nice, well sculpted....and about 45mm tall(!) Who thought THAT was a good scale? not only are they waaay too big for my 20mm stuff, they're not even terribly useful for the standard 28mm gamers! I sent them to Dexter (from the Board of the Living Lead) to see if he could do something with them, as I can't.

The big gripe I have is that ThinkGeek didn't put their scale on the page, just that they were zombies and troopers of "traditional plastic army men". Now, is it just me or does "traditional plastic army men" bring 1/72 scale figs to mind? Or even 1/35 at the outside, not 45mm.

***This has been a Zombie Wargamers Public Service Announcement***

Zombie Chow


Vampifan said...

That is a bummer!

Zombie Chow said...

Yeah, it was a pity as the figs were pretty good in molding. But since my buildings are all HO scale....its just no dice!


Simon Q said...

Awww maaaan. Bad Luck ZC

Anonymous said...

I always thought Plastic Army Men were big figures ,after all they are really toys for kids. To me P.A.M were the cheap toy soldiers where you'd get a bag of say 40 or more for a few bucks.

Zombie Chow said...

I know what you mean Anon, but to me "plastic army men" were always the Airfix 1/72 stuff. Still it would help if ThinkGeek gave their scale in the description. Would that be so hard?