Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zombies Arise?

Hey all,
     Sorry for the delay in posting, but a combination of factors (putting together game 4 BatRep, keeping my wife from turning into a zombie-she's sick, oh yeah-work, etc.) has kept me busy.
     To keep all occupied, here's a house rule for All Things Zombie I'm considering adding in for the future.

Zombies Arise!
     When a human is killed, two dice are rolled and his/her Reputation are subtracted from the total number. If the resulting number is positive, the body stays dead. On a negative or 0 result, the body stands up as a zombie. The number of turns before the new zombie arises is the difference between the body's Rep in life and the final number result.
     If a body is the victim of a Zombie Feast, the number of turns the feast lasts is subtracted from the figure's Rep in life. If a positive number, it stands up at the end of the resulting feast; with the assumption that such is why the feast ended because the body was now a zombie. If the number is a 0 or negative, not enough of the body was left to stand up in the first place and should just be considered meaty chuncks.

What do you all think? Too lethal for Survivors?
Zombie Chow


Adam said...

Seems like a natural rule for the game, but I think there needs to be a good buffer between death and rising.

Another addition to the rule could be related to 'knowing' the zombie, and the negative effect it would have on the other survivors.

Zombie Chow said...

Good point about knowing the zombie, ATZ has a rule about that if you encounter a zombie and roll doubles its someone you know. I could just use that rule directly if it obviously applies.

How long a time period did you have in mind for a zombie arising? As so far most of my games seem to run around 12 turns or so. If its too long we'll never get to use the rule!

Thx for replying,