Monday, October 31, 2011

Considerations about Fiction

     Happy Halloween, and here are some thoughts on the Those Who Remain blog. Game 4 isn't up yet because the fiction is taking a lot longer than I thought. So, what I'm considering is starting a fiction-only blog that will link to this one that gives the fiction for a given game there while here I give the All Things Zombie BatRep. This way, I can keep BatReps coming and not have everything grind to a screeching halt because my writing muse is on vacation.
     What do the readers think? Would you prefer the fiction jumped over to another blog to keep the BRs coming? Do you prefer the combination style that has been done in the past? Is the fiction worthwhile?
     If not (and I haven't gotten much feedback on the fiction) I can just dump it and go for straight ATZ goodness. No hurt feelings here, as this blog is as much for my followers as for my own pontifications. ;)

Zombie Chow


Ambassador said...

Move fiction to a separate blog. It's certainly worthwhile, but I, for one, am impatient for more battle reports.

Also, consider changing to a font that is actually redable!

Zombie Chow said...

LOL Ok, I'll consider moving the "handwriting" font over to the new blog and go with something more traditional with this one. ;)


Adam said...

Yay for a readable font!

I was going to post a winking face here, but as you'll note in your post, it doesn't look right in this font.
Ah, what the heck...


Zombie Chow said...

LOL I hadn't realized how unpopular the handwriting font was... I'll fix it this weekend.