Friday, July 29, 2011

"Those Who Remain"?

This blog will be a running record of my solo All Things Zombie campaign, along with updates on any new minis or terrain I manage to get. For those who don't know, ATZ is a Zombie Apocalypse game from Two Hour Wargames, where you play a person trying to survive the Rise of the Living Dead(TM) and generally get you and your loved ones to safety. Or not, as the case may be! Thus the name "Those Who Remain"; those who survive the fall of civilization under rotting hands and cadaverous teeth of the undead.

 The Reaction System (the game system used by THW in all its games) provides that uncertainty in combat that most miniatures wargames lack. Your troops aren't mindless automatons you can move around to their certain doom. They can react to events on the board beyond your control, just as real soldiers do. They might follow your orders, or they may not if you're asking them to do patently ridiculous stuff. Furthermore, the system runs as a normal wargame (head-to-head), all players on the same side, and as a solo game; the latter is my personal fave. Its very tables intensive, but it has the best solo system I've seen in any roleplaying game or wargame.

I add RPGs to the list because ATZ has supplements and rules that really make it a rules light RPG. In fact, you're encouraged to run the first campaign as yourself on Day 1 of the zombie uprising, with your workplace, home and neighborhood as the terrain for your first encounters.

So, the next post will be "Day 1" for Zombie Chow at his workplace!

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