Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Highway to Hell!


“Damn, I feel like I’m in a buddy cop movie.”


Matt wasn’t thrilled with having to sit in the front seat of the police car, sandwiched between the brothers Connor and Chance, but from what that list from the CDC said it beat getting infected. The cop in the back seat was still unconscious and despite CJ’s best attempts couldn’t be roused. His bitten arm had been bandaged but that was all they could do.


Matt glanced down at the policeman’s belt in his lap. He’d holstered the cop’s pistol he’d grabbed off the street back near the hotel, but he still felt awkward in putting the belt on. It felt to him that if he did that, he’d take an irreversible step in this crisis. Almost as if by that act it would make the night’s horrors a grim reality.


“Hey!” Connor’d been flipping through the police radio and caught what sounded like an announcement. All three listened as a mechanical voice stated:


“…The Tyson City airport has been closed. All first responders are encouraged to maintain distance from infected individuals. Do not bring any injured to the East Texas Central Medical Center, as the riots there are still ongoing. Contact TCCM for additional advisories.”


The message continued on a loop, with uncertainty growing among the trio. Chance had found a brief hotspot and used his smart phone to find GPS directions to a nearby clinic just two blocks down, one block over. Unfortunately the signal had been lost immediately afterwards.

Curiously there are only a few cars on the road, though there seems to be more pedestrian traffic than expected this late at night.


Your moves, gents!


Zombie Chow



Chancetarget said...

Chance looks down at his phone again. The brief GPS directions were gone.

"Guys, I can't find any signal right now. I cannot get access to any news or find out whats going on beyond the radio. I have to tell you, frankly, I am getting freaked out."

He turns and looks back at the officer in the back seat.

"I hope the clinic is open so we can get him some medical care. I can't shake the feeling that this is a bad dream from those burritos I ate."

Looking down at the shotgun in his lap, he makes sure its loaded and then looks out at the people outside the window.

DocBennie said...

"Guys, we need to find that clinic, and get this guy some help...he seems to be getting worse by the minute!"

"We also might want to consider leaving this police cruiser there...not sure I want to have to explain 'borrowing' this vehicle to the authorities..."

Connor slows down, to avoid hitting any of the increasing number of people moving in the streets...

Zombie Chow said...

CJ checks the shotgun, and finds it fully loaded. That’s the good news. The bad news is that all the shells are beanbag rounds.

After a couple of near-collisions with pedestrians and a SUV going 100 mph in a 30 mph zone, the trio makes it to the “Health Hut” in a strip mall across from a line of fast food joints. A ambulance that parked diagonally near the side doors blocks the emergency entrance. The rear hatch of the ambulance is open and there’s a splotch of blood on the concrete steps towards the door. The area is well lit thanks to two fluorescent lights bracketing the carport drive.

The policeman in the back of the car starts to stir…


Chancetarget said...

"Uh guys, this gun is set for stun. Do you see any shells around here? I don't think it will do much against those crazies. And it looks like Sargent Pepper is waking up back there…be ready."

CJ notices the blood around the ambulance.

"Maybe we just let him out and head on our way….this does not look right."

DocBennie said...

"yeah, I feel you, bro'...
but, I think we need to drag this guy into the urgent care building lobby, at the very least..."

"also, I want to pop the trunk and see if there is anything useful in it...maybe REAL shells for the shotgun?"

"I'm going to park in a well-lit area, definitely far away from that sketchy looking ambulance...seriously, what the hell is up with all of that blood?"

Chancetarget said...

"Alright….I am nervous about our friend'" CJ says pointing to the stirring officer. "I would hate for someone to get bitten, so lets find something to secure him while we take him inside. I like the idea of checking the trunk."

CJ eyes the area around the clinic.
"Keep your eyes open, guys."

Zombie Chow said...

"Well, how about these?" Matt holds up a pair of handcuffs from the officer's belt. He hands them to CJ and with obvious reluctance he puts the belt on. "There are keys to those too on this belt. Now....who's going to do the honors by cuffing him?"

Connor parks the squad car into a parking spot across from the ambulance, with good lines of sight. Or as good as they can be in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile a man in a medical coat comes out of the clinic's doorway. He glances at the police car and moves towards you. A moan escapes from the officer's throat as he sits up.


DocBennie said...

"hey guys, he's waking up..."

"officer, how are you feeling? we brought you to a clinic, gonna get you patched up..."

Connor steps out of the car and waves towards the man in the medical coat...

"hey, buddy, we've got an injured man here...we could use your help getting him inside..."

phann son said...

As the piecing scream cuts through the clinic, CJ starts looking around and begins to head back to the cruiser.