Thursday, November 29, 2012

ATZ Game 5 : In Search of Buzz, Part 1

This game was set up as a “Search” encounter, with the group ostensibly looking for Lisa’s dad “Buzz” who was last in this location before communication was lost. The team will engage in normal searches, but are looking for Buzz. He won’t be found, as he’s already been chomped but the team doesn’t know that!


As usual I used the All Things Zombies: Better Dead Than Zed terrain generation table. This is the last game I’ll be playing using solely ATZ:BDTZ rules, as Game 6 will be at least 30% or so rules from Final Fade-out. More FFO rules will be imported as time goes on until we see if I’m playing BDTZ with FFO imports or FFO with some retro-BDTZ rules instead!

The terrain resulted as follows. I also used my Random building type tables to generate what kind of buildings were there, as noted in the “()” below.

Section Terrain
1          3 buildings (3 store strip mall)
2          Clear
3          2 buildings (Auto-Body shop and Power Transformer)
4          Woods
5          1 building (Grocery)
6          1 building (Apartment Building)
7          2 buildings (Small Shop and storage building)
8          1 building (Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant)
9          Hill

I also used the Random Car table, and  used Dexter’s wrecked cars on a roll of wrecks. Which gave the board 10 cars, of which 4 on the board were wrecked as noted:


As a change from prior games, I decided to play this game without PEFs, and go just with starting zombies and building occupants or noise generated zeds. I don’t think it made a huge difference, especially with Random Events but you be the judge.

The time was noon, and weather resolved as humid and cloudy. Two starting zombies were on the table, with one 12” North of the group’s entry point at section 7  and another 12” to the west, behind the nearer shop. The group was on foot, as I decided that the doctor Buford would remain off board with the SUV for possible pickup. Cars just make too much noise otherwise, as the end of the game details.


Turn 1
Survivors: 1            Zombies: 2

The road zombie is within Line of Sight (LOS) of the group but West zombie is not. Zombie moves south to intercept.

Kaylee attacks the zombie with bat in melee.

Michael & Sebastian draw guns but act as backup

Kaylee wins, but only knocks down the zombie.

Lisa enters melee Lisa kills zombie by Popping the Weasel.

Turn 2
Survivors: (6) 1            Zombies: (6) 2

Doubles=Random Events
A roll on my expanded Random Events table results in a Bobcat exiting the woods and charges group.

Michael shoots the animal and kills it, with no doubt objections from Lisa and Kaylee!

Michael scoots to cover while other 3 head to Ambulance to search. No Buzz found, but 1 Luxury Item is recovered.

No zombie generated by gunfire.

Western zombie follows group now in LOS by following gunshot

Turn 3
Survivors:2            Zombies:5

Michael rejoins the group and they head toward the pileup at the intersection in front of the Grocery store. They find a zombie trapped in one of the cars, but no father. The zombie isn’t a threat so they leave it be, not wanting more gunshots.

Turn 4
Survivors: 3            Zombies: 4

The group moves to the front of  the Grocery Store.

Michael & Kaylee enter store while Sebastian and Lisa stay outside on watch.

The building is resolved as 3 humans, two guys and an old lady. They are Chilling Residents with 4, 3 and 2 Reps. They are armed with a bolt-action rifle, pistol and knife respectively

Michael rolls Meet and Greet, humans are hostile!

Leader gets 2 successes over Michael’s 0. This would normally lead to Kaylee leaving Michael’s group, but as that does’t fit with the narrative I’ll say the hostile humans demand to “keep” the blonde and Michael can leave. Naturally, Michael walks the walk instead.

Michael wins, and gets off 2 shots and fires first. He kills the Rep 4 leader, but misses pistol guy who ducks back.

Kaylee charges old lady in melee and gets Obviously Dead result on her. The pistol guy takes leader lost test, and only gets 1 success. I decide that he will have partial cover by running through the store towards the back.

Turn 5
Survivors:5 (3)             Zombies:3             NPCs:5 (6)
Doubles again! Random Event resolves as large dog. Which is probably the pet of the two guys as he’s within the Grocery store. Michael kills as dog charges…this gives pistol guy the chance to run into the back storeroom.

Meanwhile, the following zombie outside moves toward the pileup at the intersection with LOS to the Grocery.

No zombies generated by this shot, nor the two prior ones…which I forgot to roll for earlier.

Turn 6
Survivors: 3            Zombies: 5       NPCs: 6

After hearing Michael’s gunshots, Sebastian and Lisa move into the Grocery store.


Moving into the back storeroom, Michael sees pistol guy preparing to ambush, shoots and gets a Knocked Down result. This time, the gunfire generates 3 zombies placed out in the back of the Grocery. Lucky the loading door is closed!

Turn 7
Survivors:6             Zombies:4        NPCs: 5

Only the zombies move, with 3 outside loading door attacking door with no result. The zombie on the street moves up to Grocery store parking lot.

Turn 8
Survivors:4             Zombies:1             NPCs:5

Michael shoots prone pistol guy, with 1 miss and 1 hit; with another Knocked Down result. As he was already KD, this shifts to obviously Dead.

Zombies continue to attack loading bay door. It holds. Pity we cann’t take that door to our base. ;)

Again, no zombies generated. This luck can’t last!

Turn 9
Survivors:2             Zombies:5

Sebastian, Lisa, and Kaylee search the front of the store (1 area) while Michael searches storeroom (1 area). Michael gets a roll on the Rare Loot table! Alas, it turns out to be nothing.

Turn 10
Survivors: 6 (6)             Zombies: 6 (5)
Yet ANOTHER Random Event, which turns out as nothing.

Nobody moves!

Turn 11
Survivors:3             Zombies:2

Sebastian (only one) finds 5 units of food. Neither Lisa nor Kaylee find anything.

Turn 12
Survivors:5 (3)             Zombies: 5 (6)
Random Event= nothing
Michael takes handgun and 3 units of ammo from the pistol guy. The rest of the group gathers to leave.

Turn 13
Survivors:2             Zombies: 5

The team moves out of the grocery store and back towards the pileup at intersection. They confront that diligent street zombie from the opening of the game. Michael shoots it and gets Knocked Down result.

Turn 14
Survivors: 6 (2)             Zombies: 6 (1)
Random Event is lost child, coming out of the woods at section 4.

Kaylee pops the weasel on K.D. zombie. The zombies at the loading door are drawn by the gunfire and move around store into LOS.

One new zombie is generated, becomes part of the group of 3 from behind the store.


Turn 15
Survivors:5             Zombies: 3
Both Sebastian and Michael fire, while Lisa charges/melees the group of zombies.  except Kaylee who’s over by the wreck killing the car zombie. Michael shoots at zombies 1-2 and Sebastian at zombies 3-4. Michael misses, Sebastian KDs one.

Lisa melees and uses last spare die*. She has 4 successes to 2, then 1 to none.
Also +1 die for impact.

Four Gunshots generate 1 Zombie at KFC


-End Part 1 of the Game 5 post. Part 2 soon!


lrqan said...

Great batrep, I'm getting into the characters. Love the bobcat encounter, what about zombie bobcats?

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks...Zombie Bobcats? Ouch! Of course my wife (Lisa) only groused about me killing the "kitty". :P LOL!


Gnotta' said...

Nice report, looking forward Part 2! :)

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks, I'm grading finals this week but should be done by Thursday and hope to post part 2 then. ;)