Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Survival, Horror, and Happy Endings?

     I've finished my first game of Two Hour Wargames' Colonial Adventures 19th century miniature rules, with a superior force of Zulus being badly handled by British Colonial Infantry with a field gun. Now its over and my game board is cleared, I'm going to try a game of ATZ using the Final Fade-Out rules. Or, at least the ones I like. ;)
     As I've done more reading, it occurs to me that in the Zombie novel genre there are many takes on "Survival Horror". Namely, some emphasize the survival aspect and others the Horror aspect. "Happy Endings", while rare, usually happen in the survivals and almost never in the horror books.
     So, I ask my blog readers the following. To you (be it book or game), which is more inportant in your Zombie Survival Horror and why? Are Happy Endings impossible in a "proper" ZSH?

Zombie Chow


Zabadak said...

I like the storylines to be complete, but in zombie style novels I think the end of the apocalypse shouldn't happen and survivors will live on, but not "Happily ever after".

Zombie Chow said...

Ok, so a possible "Happy Ending" in that the heroes don't die....or not all of them anyway? Civilization is still FUBAR though?


David Cooke said...

I am firmly in the Survival camp. People adapting and dealing with the horror is what I enjoy. Happy ending not required but neither is a wipe out either. If its open it leaves room for a sequeal. :o)

Brummie said...

I'd like a little bit of both to be honest.

Vampifan said...

I'm with Brummie on this one, As long as the story is well told I don't mind.

Zombie Chow said...

I think I'm with David overall....Of course the horror element is important or we just end up reading Alas Babylon. Which isn't a dig on AB, just it doesn't have any real horror elements IMO. Brummie, Vampifan; so do you prefer equal amounts of Survival/Horror or do you have a preference of one over the other? Making the assumption that both will be in evidence in the story that is.