Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still alive....No, really!

Hey all,

Gaming has been on hiatus because I'm getting (most of) my survivors and police/soldiers painted. Once they return via the post I'll start up again. Until then, here's a few questions for one and all.

1. What do you use for dead zombies? That is, head shot but still lying around?

2. What about wrecked cars? Do you just break some models or something else?


3. Do you think having some paper models of buildings set alongside full models messes up the ambiance? As my photos show, I've got several pre-painted buildings but there are some I just can't get either pre-constructed or they don't make in HO scale. So, I'm considering filling those gaps with paper models on cardboard, but am concerned it'll look weird.

All opinions appreciated!

Zombie Chow


Lord Siwoc said...

I smashed up a diecast car to use as terrain, and am planning to do some more wrecks in this line.

A couple of dead persons lying around in the street will be a good loook to the city.

Paper up against other kind of buildings would not bother me at all.

Brummie said...

See how it looks card buildings tend to be quite cheap to make. I used to mix them back in the day when I used to play Necromunda/40K they all look great together

Mathyoo said...


for dead zombies I wouldn't put too much work in showing the wounds. Maybe splash a head or two, paint some shot holes or such. I believe it is best to just start doing something and ideas come as you go :P.

For wreaks, here is what looks like a nice tutorial I found few days back:
You will still have to demolish a car or two, but can make 30 out of those, heh.

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks guys... I'll probably go with paper/cardboard for the larger buildings like apt. complexes, hotels, and the like. Any suggestions as to who has good stuff?

Thanks for the link Mathyoo; I'll give it a look. Off to buy more cars I suppose. ;)


Anonymous said...

i never use dead zombie figures , doesn't seem much point as they die so fast.
Wrecked cars are nice and simple and toy cars are easy to get hold of. You can get multiple plastic toy cars at dollar stores and these are much easier to wreck than Hotwheels.
I've often used paper and coek buildings together and had no complaints.

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks Anon; for some reason I'd never considered pure plastic cars... True about zombies going quick; maybe I could use them just for dead humans. I use that zombie rising rule I posted earlier so that might be a useful marker?