Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Zombie Apocalypse and 'Consumption'!

Hello all,


Believe it or not, I’m still alive. I’ve been busy over the past year writing a RPG for Troll Lord Games (Victorious) along with five supplement books. I haven’t given up on zombies though, and I do intend on returning with Connor and Chance to continue the blog game in a month or so.


I’ve been recently reading some zombie books and fic to get back “in the mood” as it were. During this recharge of mindset, something unusual occurred to me.


How often in zombie stories do the main characters have to deal with simple supply problems? All too often its like the original Dawn of the Dead movie after the mall was secured. There’s some chaos with the outbreak, but all too quickly both survivors and zombies are gone and its “one stop shopping” as Roger’s comment put it. Food, water, arms, even reading material is sitting in locked stores, unmoved and available to anyone willing to break in. Does this sound plausible?


So, if anyone is still out there checking this blog…. ;)


How realistic is this to you? In my opinion, most of the ‘obvious’ places such as grocery stores, Wal-Marts, gun shops, etc. should be hit at the first. Oh, you can go house to house and that’s very plausible IMO, but unless you’re extremely lucky it seems to me that it’s not going to be a free shopping trip. Those houses will have zombies in them, or rarely even paranoid survivors who might shoot before asking little things like “Why are you breaking into my house? “





Zombie Chow



Anonymous said...

Good to see you back

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks! I'm going to try to post here around once a week, but you know how it is with resolutions! ;)

Getting back in the ZA mood,