Monday, February 23, 2015

At the Clinic


The spattered man in the coat blinks at Connor, then sighs and comes over to the driver’s side of the cruiser. “Damn…” the medical staffer says. “I was hoping you were police reinforcements. Do you guys have any idea of the night we’ve been having?”


Matt slides across the seat and opens the rear doors. The man leans in and helps the officer out of the back. The officer seems disoriented, but then fixes his gaze on Connor. With a weak flip of his cuffed hands, he mumbles “My….daughter. At home…address on keychain….check on her.”


With that he falls unconscious again and it takes both Connor and the medic to carry him into the clinic.


Inside the stark lighting reveals chaos in motion. Moaning patients on gurneys, sitting in a waiting area with bandages, and several clinic staff rushing around trying to see to as many patients as possible. The medic gestures Connor to a curtained off side room and they set the officer onto the rumpled and bloody gurney set up within. The whole place is a cacophony of moans and shouts….then there is a piercing scream!






Chancetarget said...

CJ looks around the clinic. "Connor, make sure you get the key chain….perhaps we can keep the car and say we are on official police business."

As the piecing scream cuts through the clinic, CJ starts looking around and begins to head back to the cruiser.

DocBennie said...

Connor searches the officer for the key chain, with his daughter's address...

"yeah, we'll check on her for just stay here and let the doc patch you up..."

Connor stops suddenly, having heard a piercing scream...

"What the hell? Maybe we should get out of here while we still can?"