Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

I've had this blog for a couple of years now, and I've enjoyed posting my thoughts and experiences with the Zombie genre in general and the game All Things Zombie (ATZ) in particular. I've also appreciated those fine folks who have taken time out of their schedules to read my ramblings and to comment on things as I've posted them. Well, except for the Spam bots. ;)
However, I've recently come to an epiphany. I've been concerned about how few games of ATZ I've actually been playing. This despite spending bucks on terrain, game board, figures, vehicles, etc. In fact, the more stuff I've bought the less I've actually played the game!
Why was this? I've come to the conclusion that it’s partly the fault of this blog. I've become so obsessed with getting the 'right' terrain, the 'properly painted' figures, and just the right Battle Reports with accurate ATZ rules; even fiction...that I spend less time playing and more time doing things to make the game appear 'cool' on the blog. This defeats the whole reason I got into ATZ in the first place; which was a solo game I could play when I felt like it and I didn't have an opponent who I had to schedule games around or appease with the 'proper' rules/figs/etc. Its become a source of guilt that I don't post enough, have BatReps out fast enough....I'm already 2 games behind on the fiction as well.
So, I've decided to kill the blog and go back to actually playing ATZ for myself. I will keep the blog up for July so if anyone wishes to grab some of my house rules or tables they can. But as of Aug 1 the "Those Who Remain" blog will go away. I haven't yet decided on the "Those Who Remain Journal" though. I might keep that going with sporadic posts as the mood strikes me.
Again, I appreciate all the support from the kind folks in the community for this project. For fans of corpses who eat people, the Zombie fandom is actually a pretty friendly bunch!
Best wishes,
Mike/Zombie Chow


Douglas Trouten Jr. said...

Keep the blog going, use it to post new house rules and to keep us all updated on how you are doing. You don't need to feel that you have to post exquisite batreps or detailed fiction. We will be happy with a Just played an awesome game of ATZ, even though my star and his group were killed it was fun. You can also use the blog to show off new shinies the occasional painted figure, etc...

Just remember that having this blog doesn't make it a contest to see how fast you can post batreps, it is to stay in contact with all of your online friends and fellow gamers.

Also look at it this way, your blog is a great resource for both experienced and new ATZ players.


Sapper Joe said...

Sorry to hear about your decision, but I have to agree with Douglas in many aspects. If nothing else, convert it into a blog about your gaming hobby as a whole, or at least transfer the entries to another blog that is more generic in the name.

To be honest, I am not much about fancy terrain or figures. Sure I like them as much as the next person, but a good story/ARR of a game is what more that counts, because generally that means someone had fun. So, don't feel pressured to get up reports or entries, I might go with long periods of not posting anything worth gaming on my for a long time, just updates about free Kindle books or the like.

Part of being in the blog sphere is getting to bounce things off of others and build up some friendships.

Anyway, I hope you do reconsider.



Mathyoo said...

I agree with Doug here, you don't have to close the blog...who'd figure, maybe you'll come back!

I do have to say, however, you got me thinking...I haven't played a zombie game in a long time either...I blame it on the lack of gaming area...but still, you got a valid point there. Now, I am in a bit of a "crisis" as I can't get myself to finish anything but I want to keep on posting regularly.

If you keep the blog, you can still pop up every once in a while, say hello, share some thoughts.

Clint said...

Do what ever is best for you! But whatever you choose take care have fun doing it and treat your family and occasionally yourself as well.

Best Wishes for the future Clint

Adam said...

Like others said, don't delete the blog just because you are burnt out on it now. Even if you never post again, it is still a great resource that shouldn't be discarded.

Please reconsider.

Dave VanDam said...

I agree with the others mate,
With regards to keeping up with posting, it does feel a chore and a bit competitive sometimes to keep it regular, and i've honestly not been feeling the blog vibe myself of late either! Like you, I want to get some more gaming done and have also recently opted to prioritize that over regular posting. My advise would be in keeping the blog open mate, and at least then you have the option later on still of potentially posting something if and when the mood should strike you at a later date.

Gnotta' said...

I too agree with the others, don't delete your blog, it's a part of your "gaming history" that shouldn't be lost.. Even if you post once or twice in a couple of years (even if simply for ramblings) it will still be worth to keep the blog up...
I must add that I really liked to read the journal, even if you don't write about the whole story (each game) but only once in a while, it would be great...

Zabadak said...

I'm with the others, requesting that you don't delete your blog, there's too much of your life history wrapped up in it.

I understand how you feel about the doing other things than just gaming what you're really interested in and when blogging and the associated things get in the way of gaming then gaming has to win.

You wouldn't be the first blogger to take a break, but you can always just say hello once in a while (when you're bored)and to give seasonal greetings.

But, whatever you you do I wish you luck with it.

Simon Q said...

Whatever you decide todo mate having fun is the main thing. I don't do much zombie stuff either lately but Its an on going project so.....

But I do get what your saying perhaps keep it up for random posts about various things.

But hey stay safe brother always eat bacon!

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks to all of you for the words of support.... You all may have a point about just keeping it going for the occasional post. Besides, I use my blog list here as a quick stop to check new posts in all of your blogs! LOL I'll ponder this more, promise. ;)


The Commander said...

I would not delete the blog. It is very useful to other gamers, plus like you said, it's a quick stop to check others' blogs. I understand about the blog drawing you away from gaming. That's one of the things that my blogs have done for my gaming time. Who knows, you might want to come back to blogging again later. Keeping the blog up saves you the trouble of creating a new one later. Good luck and Happy Gaming!

David Cooke said...

Hi Mike! I've just returned from a long Hiatus myself. Now I feel as enthusiastic as ever. Just saying that you might want to keep the door open because you do produce cool and interesting stuff and it would be sad to lose what you done.