Friday, December 21, 2012

Its all in Who You Know?

Happy (Not) End of the World everyone!

...Which is probably for the best anyway as my Zombie Plan is crap. ;) Curiously enough, this is also my dad's birthday so that would have been really rough.

Anyhoo I got to thinking about my upcoming ATZ:BFFOTZ game and the concept of "Loaded" PEFs. For those who don't have Final Fade-Out, its the idea of putting pregenerated gangs or survivor groups on the Potential Enemy Forces (PEFs) table so you might have recurring NPCs in the campaign. Which is a good idea IMO and I'm glad its available...and will be one of the FFO rules I import into my ATZ game.

But it got me to thinking. Since most ATZ games are generally based on the "Star" being the player themselves (even if an idealized player), then perhaps the "Loaded" concept should be taken one step further. That is, having a chance of running into people you know, either friends, foes, or general individuals you know in Real Life(TM).

How would you do this? Give a chance that any NPC you run into is one of these folks, and then have a "Who ya know" table to roll on? Would you maybe use the Zombie rule of by rolling doubles the zombie is someone you know? A third method altogether?

Zombie Chow

PS: One of my followers pointed out today that the URL of this blog could be read as "Those whore main". :P  Thanks Tony! I wonder how many people have come here looking for a porn site?



Brummie said...

lmao do you have an exceptionally high hit count or receive lots of spam?

Great idea with the friends and family in PEF certainly gives me some food for thought

lrqan said...

A nice little puzzle over the Christmas break. How about something to do with throwing 'craps' 7's 11's, gets the desired effect?

Clint said...

As I will be reffing my zombie campaign I will simply put one known encounter in every so often maybe it's the guy who worked in the corner shop or an old school chum or a relative friend or the like.

If I was solo play then I think I would draw a card from a normal deck of cards. A Joker being the right level of frequency I suspect.

But what ever seems right for you is the correct solution.

HATE the Captcha!

WQRobb said...

I actually use my friends in my ATZ:FFO game. My wife is "Irene," the girlfriend of the Star, and a friend of hers in "Erin." I've got several other survivors waiting in the wings, all based on real life people I know. In the game, they begin as strangers but hopefully (with a successful Talk the Talk) become team-mates.

My general convention is to use their middle name.

Zombie Chow said...

Good ideas all; WQRobb, how do you determine if a given encounter will have the friends/family in them? I like Clint's idea of a card or random slot on the generation table that is "known folks" or some such. Maybe have a 2 or 12 as known folks, dropping to just a 12 when you move to an ajoining area, with the further you go from your "home area" reducing the possibilities. IE:

Same area: Roll of 2 or 12 on the "Who are they?" table (suitably modified).

Adjoining Area: 12 only

2 areas away: 12, then roll d6 with a 1-3 being Fam/Friends.

3 areas away: 12, with a roll of 1-2 on d6 being friend/fam.

...and so on. Is this workable?