Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 7: "Dining Out" (Part 2 of 2)

Sorry for the delay all, with holidays and all I've been busy. Not to mention finishing up the Fall semester and grading tests. To paraphrase the movie Clerks, "...this job would be great if it wasn't for all the damn students!" :D

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Turn 4
Survivors: 3 Zombies: 6 PEFS: 1 Gangers: 1

Doubles mean another Random Event (8); the civilian Neeva firing at shadows outside, generating 0 zombies.

There are 3 zombies inside the building as per the I Zombie rules. Normally (in those rules) there are areas 2-10, but I'm giving 3 chances for zombies in the front area (Dining room) of the building, as it's by far the largest area of the building. Despite this, only 1 zombie is in the front of the restaurant. Another is in the rear hallway leading to the back door, and the last is in a storeroom located to the left entryway of the rear exit.

I'll assume that the person in the storeroom was a restaurant employee that was bit by the zombie in the hall, and was hiding in the storeroom; but later died from the wounds and turned.

It's a narrow hall, so Michael and Sebastian are the only ones who can shoot in the doorway. The hallway zombie is Knocked Down (KD), but still kicking.

Jennifer pushes by the two guys and fires her SMG, with 2 of the 3 being hits with more KD results

Outside and at the front of the structure, the Ganger group attacks the front door, easily overcoming its Defense Value (DV). So, 2 Gangers enter and attack the zombie in the dining room with 2 Out of the Fight (OOF) results. The spray of gunfire generates 1 zombie, emerging with the horde gathering in front of the apartment complex.

The last PEF moves through the woods and enters Line of Sight (LOS) of the Gangers, resulting in a false alarm. Pity, a distraction to the Gangers would really have helped the survivor group right about now!

Turn 5
Survivors: 4 Zombies: 2 Gangers: 5

Lisa and Kaylee enter the hallway, melees the prone zombie and kills it with a rapier thrust.
Neeva moves to the kitchen doorway to keep a watch out for the Gangers...and possibly more zombies.

Outside, the zombies follow the sound of automatic gunfire in the restaurant dining room, as its closer and certainly more than the one shot in the back of the building. A horde is gathering.

The leader of the Gangers moves into the building and kills the prone zombie in the dining area.

Turn 6
Survivors: 6 Zombies: 2 Gangers: 6:

Doubles rolled YET again means one more Random Event, but the result of 11 applies only to moving vehicles, so there is no effect. The survivors are busy splitting the group in two in order to check the office/break room and storeroom of the building.

The zombies continue their plodding movement toward the building's front doorway and windows, blocking the Gangers within the restaurant.

Turn 7
Survivors: 3 Zombies: 2 Gangers: 1

The survivors split up to check office and storeroom. Find a total of 6 units of food...and the zombie! Jennifer is guarding the back door, Sebastian & Michael enters the storeroom and fire at the zombie in the crates. Lisa and Kaylee search the office, and Neeva continues to keep watch on the kitchen.

The resulting volley of fire results in Sebastian getting an OOF and Michael (finally!) gets to kill a zombie. The gunshots generate 1 zombie outside, moving toward restaurant from south; being placed 12 inches to the east thus near burned out building.

Which brings up a question... What happens in ATZ when the location of a generated zombie places it off the table? I resolve this by moving it east and have it at an angle rather than a straight line...but I need to remember to ask others how they handle this.

Meanwhile, things are really getting ugly out front, with the zombies getting thicker and thicker on the ground. I'd hoped to search multiple buildings but I think we're going to be lucky to get out of the restaurant alive and with supplies.

Two zombies charge the gangers standing just inside the doorway.
One ganger succeeds and snap fires at the charging Z's, the others go into melee (3 gangers total. The snap fire misses horrifically; guess he was spooked! In the resulting melee, one ganger is killed, and his zombie attacker will feast for 4 turns. Several gangers are now in range of the feeding to take the "See the Feast" (STF) test. Three of them end up forced to take the sanity test. All 3 are stunned and must take the STF roll again next turn.
Finally, the ganger turn arrives. With 3 of them stunned, the other 3 shoot at the zombies in range. The non-feeding zombie is KDed, though 2 zombies are generated by the gunfire. A result of boxcars means the two generated zombies enter the game from the apartments (west). What is this? A Zombie reunion?

Turn 8
Survivors: 5 Zombies: 3 Gangers: 2

The survivors don't move...perhaps they are busy packing food in backpacks?

The horde arrives. Five zombies burst through the doorway in the front, 2 in the doorway itself and the other 3 crash through the glass windows. Window zombies fall upon two of the stunned gangers, and the two in the doorway move for other prey. The Knocked down zombie stands up. So, we have 7 zombies inside, with one feasting for 3 more turns. The end is drawing near for the gangers I suspect!

The unstunned ganger Rep 3 fires and misses the incoming doorway zombies, while the two Rep 4 gangers spray at full auto towards the zombies. 6 shots, and 4 hit their targets. One zombie is Obviously Dead (OD), and the other is KD. The remaining zombies inside broken windows melees the nearby Rep 3 ganger and gets an OOF. Dinnertime! Meanwhile the gang leader and guards (Reps 4 and 3) make there being charged test and fire 6 shots, with 2 KD results.

Oh boy...15 shots for Zombie generation??? This is gonna suck. It does, with 8 zombies generated! 2 arrive from the north, 3 from the east, 2 from the west, and 1south.

Turn 9
Survivors: 6 Zombies: 1 Gangers: 2

I guess the survivor group is still packing up foodstuffs. No move this turn.

As for the gangers, the two near the door open fire on the in a vain attempt to hold back the horde. the Rep 4 ganger shoots once, and the Rep 3 ganger fires full auto; 3 shots. Both get 1 hit on a zombie, with the results being one zombie OD. The gang leader with his homeys knock 1 zombie down, kills another.

Again, 7 shots generate 4 more zombies; with 1 from the west, 1 north, and 2 from the east.

For their turn, the outside zombies continue to congregate and mass in front of the building. Inside, 3 zombies stand up. The feasting one only has 1 turn left.

Turn 10
Survivors: 4 Zombies: 3 Gangers: 1

Everybody finally gets to move! The survivors begin to gather back into the hallway, though Michael takes over Neeva's guard position in the kitchen. He moves further inside to see if he can find anything useful in the kitchen itself.

Out in the dining area, a zombie starts feasting on the OOF ganger, noshing for 2 turns. Two other zombies charge the gang leader and his bodyguards, and the two stunned gangers retake the "See the Feast" test; with the result they are both Stunned again. The charge melee ends with 1 zombie KD and another ganger OOF.

Turn 11
Survivors: 1 Zombies: 4 Gangers: 3

The zombies move en masse into the building. The KD zombie crawls over to the OOF ganger and begins feasting for 5 turns.

The other feasting zombie finally finishes his meal and rises to attack the gang leader. The gang lord gets KD, but the zombie is shot by the remaining bodyguard for a OD result. The earlier reps 3 and 4 who were stunned are now hunkered down. All gangers open fire, with 4 shots killing 2 of the zombies entering the restaurant but one shot missing the feeding zombie.

The survivors (sans Michael) start moving out the back door of the restaurant and gather outside the back of the building. Curious about the noise, Michael moves through the kitchen to check what's going on inside the dining room...only to see the carnage inside! Despite all common sense, he decides to take a shot at both of the hunkered down gangers and gets a OD and a KD result on them. These two shots generate 2 zombies, one from the east and the guessed it, south; right in front of the gathered survivors! Thanks a LOT Michael!

Turn 12
Survivors: 4 Zombies: 3 Gangers: 2

At last, Michael runs like a scared old woman out the back door. Sebastian takes a shot at the surprise zombies to the south and misses yet again. Jennifer opens up with the SMG (only 1 shot) and gets a KD result. Lisa draws her rapier yet again and gets an auto-kill on the prone zombie. I think she's killed more zombies than anyone this game!

Apologies for the blurry pic but we only noticed it after the game.

Back to the zombie horde, one Zombie jumps the ganger Michael KD'd and begins to feast for 3 turns. More zombies move into the building, with over 24 (!) in crowd.

Deciding discretion is the better part of valor, the Gang leader and his remaining homey run into the kitchen.

Turn 13
Survivors: 2 Zombies: 1 Gangers: 1

Yet more doubles mean a Random Event: 5+4= only valid in a vehicle, so no result.

The survivors run off the board! Here's hoping they can all fit into the SUV; or that the vehicle is still where they left it. ;)

One Zombie is generated from gunfire from the east, but game is over.


Damn! All that time generating the board and my group only searches one building! Much like Whiteface noted in his Battle Report, the same thing happens to me only we got out without any casualties. Still, I'd been tempted to hang around and pick up some of those assault weapons left by dead gangers, which was why Michael originally went to the front of the building. Maybe I'll take another cue from Oliver and have game 5 a return bout to the same neighborhood.

This is the game where I was faced with the idea of zombies rising from a dead human; most notably the dead gangers. So, as noted earlier I came up with this house rule:

@@@New House Rule: Unless there are more zombies at a feast than the victim's rep, at the end of the feast the victim gets up as another zombie. If there are more zed's than the victim's rep, its assumed not enough of the victim is left to rise.

Zombie Chow


Brummie said...

Great Batrep sure was action packed

Zombie Chow said...

Yeah, even though nothing really happened beyond sectors 7 and 8 there wasn't really a chance to breathe! I forgot to mention that I rolled for advances and NOBODY rose in Rep!

Happy New Year,


Dice Plague said...

Great game! I love the rising dead rule! I´ll use it in my campaign; "What happens in ATZ when the location of a generated zombie places it off the table?"> In the ATZ rule you must change the spot of the Zed clockwise until he is on the table.

Keep posting and better dead than zed!

Zombie Chow said...

Hey DP,

Thanks for the kind words! Let me know how the Rising Dead rule works in your game?

Clockwise eh? Well, I went counter-clockwise but I guess the spirit of the rule is what's important. ;)