Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fiction takes time!

I'd hoped to post Game 3 by now, but since I set myself up for writing fiction to coincide with the game itself its taking a LOT longer than I thought. The fiction alone is 12 pgs single spaced! The game log is about 6 pgs, give or take. So, I should have part 1 up by the weekend. I'll break it into 3 parts to allow for easier reading. I will have several photos for this one so hopefully my terrain and figs will come out well.

Readers will notice right out the gate that the figures for kaylee and the NPC wife are wielding guns even though in the game they're using melee weapons. I refer you to the earlier post about 20mm 1/72 female figs for my gripes. ;)

Zombie crunching goodness soon!

Zombie Chow


Doug said...

Hehehehe, I know where you are coming from about the fiction. I have/am fleshing out an entire alternate time-line/world for my Zombie campaigns, I beleive I am currently up to about 25 pages and its still growing, I still have important people to add. While I will use some real locations I do have some fictional ones replacing real life ones, Mayhem City will be the primary location in my initial outbreak game, and in my game it has replaced Flint, Michigan. Detroit, Michigan is still there as Detroit, the Villages/Towns/Cities of Fenton and Holly south of Flint are gone in my world replaced by Fort Liberty and Liberty city (named after a fictional Civil War Colonel who commanded a fictional Michigan Volunteer Infantry Brigade), and Fort Liberty in my campaign draws heavily from Fort Jackson, South Carolina (as a basic training facility) and Fort Knox (for their MOUT training facility), though in my campaign the MOUT facility is larger and there are actually multiples, one designed to look like a Western town (US, Canada, West Europe, Austrailia, etc...), another to look like a middle eastern town, while another represents a generic Korean/Vietnam/Chinese village/town. I may even add a third world slum town (thing the Corrugated Steel walled huts that might also use tarps as walls and roofs) to the mix for the MOUT training.

Having some solid fiction to go with your games help make them stand out, both for anyone following the games progress and those who may join you for a game or two.

Zombie Chow said...

Thanks, its nice to know that the writing really does add something to the BatReps!

That's a good idea about the MOUT training facility...It allows you to use all sorts of terrain for a given scenario. On the THW list someone was selling a pile of 20mm Middle Eastern buildings and I was tempted but what could I use ME buildings for? Your training rationale is a good one for just such buildings. Oh well, I really couldn't have spared the $100 anyway. LOL